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Lady Alison Valentine

Alison Valentine BIO


Lady Alison (Hall) Valentine was born and raised in San Francisco, California.  She graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1984. She also attended Skyline College in Pacifica, and has taken some online classes with Ashford University. She plans on furthering her education soon.  Lady Alison has two daughters and two granddaughters. 


Lady Alison was brought up in the Church as a young child, and was baptized at the age of 9 under the leadership of the late Dr. Rance Whiteside Senior Pastor of Good Hope Baptist Church. Lady Alison sung in the choir, and was on the Usher Board. She love attending Sunday school, because she knew that was the place she could ask questions.

As a young adult she drifted away from Church, but always knew that God loved her and that she loved God. It wasn’t until 1998 when her Sister was shot and robbed while on the Job, that she really heard God speaking to her saying “Alison, it’s time to get it right.” Lady Alison then joined the Community Baptist Church in San Francisco under the leadership of Rev. Dori Anderson, she was a member of Community Baptist Church from 1998-2004. Lady Alison has always lived in California, with the exception of one year—2004-2005, when she relocated to Las Vegas to pursue her Career with her employer “AAA Insurance” (where she excelled as a claims adjuster).  Lady Alison became very home sick and moved back to California in December 2005 and relocated to Sacramento, CA.


In 2006 Lady Alison Joined Antioch Progressive Church in Sacramento under the Leadership of Dr. Curtis Mitchell. While in Sacramento Lady Alison started working for Esurance in Rocklin as a Claims Adjuster and received many awards as one of the top adjuster in her department. Just as things were going well, Esurance was bought out by “All State” and Lady Alison’s department was laid off in 2010. That’s when Lady Alison started volunteering with the church’s Food Program, and also worked on the New Member Committee. Lady Alison Current workers for an Insurance Brokerage in San Francisco.


In 2011 Lady Alison started dating Bishop Greg Valentine and they were married in 2012. Together they have five Children and four Grandchildren & 1 daughter-in- law. In 2012 Lady Alison followed her husband to Holy of Holiness Missionary Baptist Church and together they joined the church under the Leadership of Pastor Keenan Branner.  In 2015 Lady Alison has become the 1st Lady of Saint Paul Tabernacle Baptist Church where she stands beside her husband Bishop Gregory Valentine.


In 2014 Lady Alison Joined, the CA. Association of Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows. In 2017 Lady Alison was Installed as the President of the Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows of San Francisco & Bay Area.  Our Primary Objective is to Support efforts that ultimately prompt the growth of the Kingdom of God, and the following of the principles set forth in the Holy Bible.

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